I am senior in Agricultural and Biological engineering. I plan on using my major to go into food engineering.I like to hang out with my friends and we watch movies and play games. I volunteer  in Carver Gardens which is an underprivileged neighborhood in Gainesville and help tutor and mentor the children.

My favorite movie is The Incredibles which is a Disney?Pixar film.The visuals in the movie were great. I was also able to relate to how human the characters were they were pretty developed pretty well. I enjoy all types of movie genres except for horror. My favorite genre is science fiction but I don’t like movies that are science fiction bordering on horror. I enjoy character development in movies which doesn’t happen to often which is why i tend to enjoy television more since you can watch characters grow and see how their environment helps shape them. The main thing I want to get from this course is a better understanding of movies in general.


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